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Here's where you can find lots of pictures and hopefully soon audio of Sean.

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Sean as a...

South Carolina Stingray

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Sean in net

Sean in net #2

Pensacola Ice Pilot

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Sean makes the save!
Playoffs vs. Tallahassee
Stretching to make the save
Sean during warmups
The Ferocious Goat!
An autograph signing
Goats focuses on the game
Sean's waiting for a shot!
Goats during practice
Southern Conference Finals, Game 3

San Jose Shark

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Sean's First NHL Game

Sean watches Shields in net
Sean watches from against the boards
Sean in front of the net waiting for a shot
Sean waiting in front of his crease
Sean checking the area around his net
The game ends and the Sharks lose, but it's not Sean's fault
The best picture that I took
Sean watches a fight
Still watching =)
Sean gets ready for the faceoff
Replacing Steve Shields, #30 Sean Gauthier!

Sean's First SharksFest

Shot on Goal #1
Shot on Goal #2
Shot on Goal #3
Shot on Goal #4
Shot on Goal #5
Shot on Goal #6
Shot on Goal #7

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