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Owen Nolan

Friesen and Sturm take Sutter's advice and respond with goals that bring the Sharks within a goal of the Stars' lead. You look up at the scoreboard and analyze the situation. The score is 3-2, and there is 40 seconds left in the game. Sutter has called a timeout, and Shields sits on the bench. Your net is empty. The timeout is over and you line up for the faceoff. The puck is dropped and Friesen hands it back to you. You skate up the right side of the ice, with Friesen in the middle and Sturm on the other side. You barely clear the offsides call and set up. The clock ticks down to 10 seconds remaining. The Stars are playing tight defense, as they double team Sturm and Hatcher guards Friesen in front of the net. Make a decision, quick!

  • Take a slapshot
  • Pass to Sturm