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The Official San Jose Sharks Page
Keith Overby's Sharks page
The Bottom Feeder
Web Thumper
San Jose Shark Bytes
SLAM! Hockey: San Jose Sharks
CNNSI: San Jose Sharks
Mercury Center: Sharks Center Ice San Jose Sharks
Sportsline: San Jose Sharks
Nando's Shark Page
The official NHL Sharks Page
Sporting News: San Jose Sharks hockey
Yahoo: Sharks hockey
Sharks on the Gate
Hockey Chicas

The Netminder Goalies of the NHL
Tea Town Avs and Flyers
The Official Nikita Banana Web Page
Roenick 97 (JR)'s page
Lars' Peter Forsberg Page
Kim's Avalanche Page
A tribute to Mikael Renberg
Rebecca's Page Red Wings
Canucks Central

Canucks and Rangers

My cousin Jackie's page. I made the TV pages.