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Andrei Zyuzin

Welcome to my San Jose Sharks fan page! I've recently redone the layout of this page, because the way it was before looked a little boring. I hope you like the new can find graphics and page layouts like this one at Web of Dreams.

I've just started transferring all of the pages from the old page to this one, so please be patient with me! Since it's the summer and the Sharks are on vacation, this page will be mostly a picture gallery featuring tons of pictures that I have taken myself. But that's just for now. When it's time for hockey season to begin again, you'll get plenty of Sharks updates, from the 1999 Season Schedule to free agent signings and trades. Please come back often, this page will always be changing! *hopefully*

My other web pages are now easily accessible by these three nice little back, next, and home buttons. All of my web pages have this now; finding my hidden pages has suddenly become a lot easier!

There have been

Shark Attacks since 1/14/99.

This page is best viewed with either Netscape or Internet Explorer. I have tried viewing it with the AOL 3.0 browser, and the tables that make up the background don't always show up right.

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Lady Gauthier's Shark Tank 1999 Vicky Moran aka Lady Sean Gauthier
All photos not taken by me are property of their respective owners. Please ask before taking ANY pictures off my pages, so you can obtain permission either from me or the owner. This page is in no way affiliated with the San Jose Sharks.