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SINCE JUNE 21, 1997

March 16, '99
01:39am EST

A Message From The Founder...

See Oleg. See Oleg upside down. So who should we get to hunt down Jeff O'Neill? The coyotes pull off a tie (though they could have won it), scoring 5 goals and allowing 5. Oleg turns in two shots on goal while Mr. O'Neill over there sat in the penalty box for touching Oleg (boarding, actually).

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Wow! Many thanks to member Sherry Sima for sending in her Family Carnival pictures at the speed of light (3.00 x 108m/s) :o) Working just a bit slower, I managed to get these wonderful pictures up so the drool-fest could commence as soon as possible. Any other submissions (stories, pictures, etc.) are more than welcome... please send e-mail to Odesa.
Family Carnival '99

If you haven't seen the Coyotes web site lately, they recently featured Oleg on their 'Website Insight'. Check it out today!
Website Insight

Congratulations to Lindsay Schrage of Thermopolis, WY, who is the winner of the 1996-1997 Score Oleg Tverdovsky signed card (note the year change, my mistake)! The correct answer to the Where's Oleg? mystery was Coyote #2.... stay tuned for more contests coming in the future!

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 Oleg Tverdovsky