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Be a Shark!

Hey! This is a pretty cool work in progress.....

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Sharks player? Well here's where you can be your favorite player! I have created some pages that go together as a story (you know, one of those choose your own adventure stories). You can choose which player you want to be, and make the decisions on your own! Be careful though, as being a good team player is the best you can be and will help your team. Do well and the Sharks will win. Underestimate your opponents or make the wrong move, and the Sharks lose. It's all up to you!


This page is updated every day. Check back often to see which players have been completed!

1/24/99 Owen Nolan is finished! Check it out! The rest of the players will hopefully be completed soon!

2/1/99 Working on Patrick Marleau...

6/7/99I've been too busy to keep this section up at all. I won't take it down since Nolan is finished, so please feel free to do the Nolan story, or the other players as well. The other four players are done up to the first period, but in Marleau's if you choose right you can get through the whole story.

Be a Shark! 1999 Lady Sean Gauthier